soledad goat farm

A few weeks back, standing in line to pick up jar samples, we started chatting with another customer who turned out to be the lovely co-owner of Soledad Goat Farms. Let's just say, my heart began to flutter because I Covet Their Cheese...fresh balls suspended in a bliss of olive oil, herbs, and spices... There's not much else that compares. We exchanged stories, Carol gave the most helpful advice along with an invite to drive up to their Mojave animal rescue farm to see the operation and chat more. Yesterday we did just that.


Carol had to make deliveries but her wonderful cohort, Julian, spent about an hour showing off their processing plant and farm. He bowled us over in so many ways. For one, Carol and Julian were so willing to share their story and advice to us new entrepreneurs, which can be surprisingly hard-to-come-by nowadays.


Secondly, all the cheese they sell goes into feeding and caring for their 600+ rescue animals – 500 goats, 100+ chickens, 12 dogs, a few horses & donkeys, 1 pig, and 1 new sheep. Julian told us story after story of how they came together – from being dumped on the tarmac at Edwards Air Force Base to left at the pound because they ate too much to abandoned on a side road in the desert – he knew everyone's name and story.

Carol and Julian are gaining notoriety for their cheese but they don't live in a fancy house or drive expensive cars. They live for two of their passions, their farm full of adopted animals and making incredible, thoughtful cheese.


They're in a plethora of farmers markets and shops but for an extra dose of cuteness, look for Julian at the Hollywood Farmers Market every Sunday with a cuddly baby goat or keep up-to-date with their cheese and rescue efforts on their Facebook page.