Pickled Red Onion Love : Jen's Healthy Ahi Tuna & Veggies

From @jenistrayning: "A lovely #healthy #dinner tonight of #babybroccoli #summersquash with #sage and a nice #ahituna #steak in a #Japanese #marinade #canolaoil, #ricewinevinegar #ginger and #soysauce) all topped with amazing #pickled #redonions from @perniciouspikls ️ #perfect #fridaynight in! Now time for the Lego Movie try pernicious pickled veggies! They're great and a local Costa Mesa Company! (And follow @jenistrayning for more tips!)"

Thanks Jen! More recipe ideas with our Sweet 'N Sour Pickled Red Onions are here.

Baia Pasta's Thai Red Curry Kamut with Pickled Ginger Carrots

You would think the lovely folks at Oakland-based Baia Pasta have their hands full, making small-batch, slow-dried, artisanal pasta with organic, American-grown grains. Somehow, they also have time to keep their Instagram feed full of delicious-looking concoctions, such as this farmers market salad with their Thai Red Curry flavored Whole Kamut ringlets and our Pickled "Ginger & Spice" Carrots.

From Baia: "This hot mess of a plate was really delicious and it features our experimental batch of Thai Red Curry flavored Whole Kamut® ringlets with loads of farmers' market goodies. Thai Red Curry flavored whole Kamut® ringlets + onion + summer squash + yellow bell pepper + charred corn + charred shishito peppers + cilantro + basil + scallions + Pernicious Pickling's Ginger & Spice pickled carrots + Other Brother Co.'s Smooth olive oil."

Pernicious Lahmacun with Garlic Dill Pickles

Our friend, Joe, decided that, indeed, "Pickles ain't just for sandwiches" as he sent us a photo of his latest creation: a Lahmacun with our Garlic Dill "Classic With A Punch" Pickles. If you're unfamiliar with the Lahmacun (as I was), it's a Turkish flatbread, traditionally covered in minced lamb, tomatoes, and other vegetables then baked. Saveur has a great recipe here, altho we might just be partial to Mr. Joe's.